How to get single value from an array in PHP

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Use the Array Key or Index

If you want to access an individual value form an indexed, associative or multidimensional array you can either do it through using the array index or key.

Let's check out the following example to understand how it basically works:

// Indexed array
$sports = array("Baseball", "Cricket", "Football", "Shooting");
// Associative array
$cities = array("France"=>"Paris", "India"=>"Mumbai", "UK"=>"London", "USA"=>"New York");
// Multidimensional array
$superheroes = array(
        "name" => "Peter Parker",
        "character" => "Spider-Man",
        "name" => "Tony Stark",
        "character" => "Iron-Man",
        "name" => "Clark Kent",
        "character" => "Super-Man",
echo $sports[0]; // Outputs: Baseball
echo "<br>";
echo $sports[1]; // Outputs: Cricket
echo "<br>";
echo $cities["France"]; // Outputs: Paris
echo "<br>";
echo $cities["USA"]; // Outputs: New York
echo "<br>";
echo $superheroes[0]["name"]; // Outputs: Peter Parker
echo "<br>";
echo $superheroes[1]["character"]; // Outputs: Iron-Man


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