How to access laravel pagination protected object property?

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Hello, everyone in this tutorials i will share with you something small but very helpful programing tricks, how to acces laravel pagination protected object property.

recently i was work one laravel application and i need to direct use laravel pagination protected object's property. so, i also share with you.

First, here we show how to look like object get when we get values help of laravel pagination.

Step : 1 Get Data Help Of Pagination.

$getData = User::orderBy('created_at','desc')->paginate(5);


LengthAwarePaginator {#394 ▼
  #total: 4
  #lastPage: 1
  #items: Collection {#389 ▼
    #items: array:4 [▼
      0 => IpApprove {#390 ▶}
      1 => IpApprove {#391 ▶}
      2 => IpApprove {#392 ▶}
      3 => IpApprove {#393 ▶}
  #perPage: 5
  #currentPage: 1
  #path: "http://localhost:8001/ipapprove"
  #query: []
  #fragment: null
  #pageName: "page"
  +onEachSide: 3
  #options: array:2 [▶]

Look, in the output. now how to access direct total protected property? you can not access like that. $getData->total

Now, the following example you can see how to handle this typee of situation and how to access any object's protected property in laravel application.

$getData = User::orderBy('created_at','desc')->paginate(5);
$getData = json_encode($getData);
$getData = json_Decode($getData);
// now you can access all the protected property like....

i hope you like this helpful article.

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